Our Nursery and Outdoor Environments

We believe that outdoor play is very special.
It offers children freedom, space and time to explore.

Our Nursery Environments

We have chosen toys and equipment for our nursery very carefully in order to create environments that inspire children and feed their imaginations. The environments we have created in the nursery provide the context for your child’s learning and enable our staff to offer children experiences that cover different areas of learning including: personal, social and emotional development; knowledge and understanding of the world; communication, language and literacy; physical development; problem solving, reasoning and numeracy; and creative development.

The emotional environment is created by all the people in our setting, and our staff ensure that it is warm, welcoming and inclusive. We tailor our care to ensure we meet children’s needs appropriately including children who have special needs, a disability or who speak English as an additional language.

The way in which rooms are organised can make a big difference to the extent to which children can initiate their own activities. The environment encourages children to make independent choices.

We structure our nursery environments by organising our rooms into clearly defined areas of provision where children can become deeply engaged in play - either on their own or in small groups.

These areas of provision are developmentally appropriate for the children in that room. These areas may include spaces for sand, water, creative workshop, painting, playdough or clay, large and small construction (blocks), mark making, role play, books, maths, science and nature, music, movement and ICT.

When children are confident in the physical and emotional environment they are willing to try out new things. We aim to create an environment where education will be almost inevitable when children play and have fun.  

Outdoor Environment

We believe that outdoor play is very special. It offers children freedom, space and time to explore. Young children often love to be outdoors. It gives them the opportunity to connect to the natural environment, the elements, seasons and natural world. To plant and grow seeds, to discover wildlife, to build dens.

Outdoors, children can be active - playing with water, sand, paint and blocks on a larger scale than is possible indoors.

Our outdoor area has beds for sowing, planting and growing, equipment for climbing and exploring, a large grassed area for running around and safe physical play, and areas for sand and water play. We have separate areas for younger and older children, but they all enjoy the wildlife - from mini-beasts to birds - which captivate the children. Outdoor toys offer scope for imaginative play outdoors, while bikes and trailers offer opportunities for physical play.