What Parents Say About Our Nursery

We hope you’ll find these comments about our nursery useful...

"I have been delighted with the care both my children have received at Silchester Manor since joining from another nursery. The team who care for the children are fantastic and clearly enjoy their jobs within the nursery; they are always actively involved with the children and are never just hanging around waiting for the children to be collected; something we have experienced in the past! Both my children love coming into nursery every day which is a huge relief for us as working parents; we know they are receiving the best possible care they can have away from the home environment. I would like to thank you and all the team for making our whole family happier!"  
Helen Donnelly

"I cannot speak highly enough of the care Masie receives at Silchester Manor. Masie loves going to nursery and enjoys all of the many activities that are on offer on a daily basis. I would always recommend Silchester manor to anyone who asked."
Nick Hayman, Masie’s Dad
"We have always found the nursery to be exceptional in every way. Our child’s development has excelled, without a doubt. The environment is spacious, varied, well considered and safe. Furthermore, the staff are personable and caring – and their consistency is really beneficial for our child. The Silchester team have been extremely flexible in meeting our needs, and for this we value the nursery greatly."
Mari Kieran

"All three of my children come / have been to Silchester Manor – and they love it!!!!! Happy children, happy parents."
Kathryn Irvine - Fynn

"Our son loves Silchester – as his sister did before him. The grounds and facilities are great, and allow active children the space to run. Nicholas is always happy to go to nursery and adores his key carer – Becky. And he enjoys playing with all the other children."
Charlotte Dawson
"The facilities and staff are really wonderful. My daughter loves coming every morning."
Hannah Parise
"Tegan has recently started at nursery but settled in straight away, and her little face lights up when we arrive each morning. The staff, atmosphere and space at Silchester Manor are superb, and I would recommend the nursery to anyone looking for a place."
Frances Murray
"We know that Silchester Manor is a great nursery because our son cheers when we say “it’s nursery today”!
The staff’s care and attention to the children is always evident. Each room is stimulating and bright, and the variety of activities and play are exciting."
Heather Kearney
"My daughter was shy when she first started, but the staff supported and encouraged her. Now she is a confident little girl and that is helped by the secure and loving environment in the nursery.
Thanks to the staff in the ‘Gruffalo Room’, who are wonderful at their jobs!"
Claire Deegan
"Jess and Harriet really look forward to nursery days. They have so much fun that when they get home they are exhausted. They get to do more than we can at home. They love the carers and feel secure. I feel confident that they are being cared for, which takes the stress away of having to go to work. Thanks for making their early days so special and memorable."
Sophie Needs
"I have one child that has been through the full nursery, and a second child currently in the Gruffalo Room. I have been very happy with the staff caring for both of my children. They are friendly, helpful and attentive. I would recommend Silchester Manor as a great place to bring your children."
Emma Taylor
"I have been very pleased with how quickly my daughter has settled in to nursery life. This has in part been down to the wonderful staff who are always full of enthusiasm and very friendly."
Gina Talbot
"The nursery is really well set up to cater for a variety of activities for the children. Emily especially enjoys the painting, playing with sand and making things."
Sarah Blake
"VERY friendly and helpful staff. The nursery is fantastic – with a big outdoor garden to play in. "
Hardip Sanghera

"Children are confident and thoroughly enjoy being creative and using their imaginations...Staff are kind, caring and very responsive...Staff work closely with parents to help children to confidently move between rooms when the time comes and then on to school." 
OFSTED Report – August 2016